Curious case of Brand Identity and User Experience (UX)

Ather Nawaz
2 min readJul 12, 2016


I recently came across this discussion if the process of User Experience (UX) development keeps brand identity in mind when working on new concepts.

Does brand identity influence user experience ? The short answer is NO

If you’re looking for a short answer, then it depends but mainly the answer is no.

I have provided two model which focus on elements of brand identity and user experience .

Honeycomb Model

Honeycomb Model try to takes elements of brand identity such as color, slogans, voice, advertising and customer service, and combines it with elements of experience such as user interaction, memorability, useflensss, user experience, brand experience and usability. Honecomb model treats all elements together to build a brand identity.

Brand identity honeycomb Model

Iceberg Model

Iceberg Model on surface level focuses on elements of brand identity such as logo, typography, symbols and visuals. However focus on the surface level elements is derived through iceberg elements of experience and interaction with product or service. Logo, typography, symbols and visual cannot stand on its own without fundamentals of user experience, interaction, usefulness, usability and functionality of product or service.

Brand Identity Iceberg Model

Brand identity generally depends on nature of a company. In a startup, where product is in the process of development and users have not experienced the product before, the product or service will help to make a brand identity on its own.

Generally big companies have somewhat established brand identity. Therefore design team can keep brand identity in mind when developing product concepts. However design team should not confine themselves to brand identity because it can hinder creativity thus innovation in product development.

User experience is lot more creative work which does not limit itself in brand identity. It is user experience and not pattern recognition in brand identity, that plays a pivot role between success and failure of a product.



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